Cass Henderson, BA, MFA, JD

Kayl Perks

Lazjee Lyles, BS, MS

Cartoon Woman Looking Back

Dr. Gail Jefferson, Esq, Member

Cass Henderson has always had a passion for helping others. As a child, she was the youngest active volunteer for the American Red Cross. She has also been involved with the arts all of her life, and has aspired for years to open an arts center that makes an art education accessible to all children.

After attending film school at Florida State University, she started a production company and directed several award-winning films. Currently, she works as a film professor at Ringling College of Art & Design and State College of Florida. She has also taught film and media courses at several other Florida universities. Oh yea, she is a law school graduate and plans to use her legal experience to give back to the community as well. 

Kayl Perks is screenwriter at heart. After several of her short scripts were made into films, she became interested in filmmaking. A few years ago, she returned to pursue a degree in filmmaking. Through the required classes, Kayl discovered a love for still photography.


Kayl's primary focus is travel photography and  long exposure photography. She enjoys the challenge and beauty that travel and long exposure photography offers.


Kayl looks forward to sharing her love for photography and filmmaking with others. In addition to being a board member, she will also be an instructor at Aspiring Kids, Inc. 

To say that Lazjee Lyles is a film enthusiast is an understatement. Although she has an in depth knowledge of classic and modern cinema, her passion for film goes behind the scenes as well.


Lazjee has more than ten year's experience in film production, specifically as a production designer. She has worked on many short and feature length films in that role. 


In addition to film, Lazjee has worked as a middle school teacher where she successfully incorporated arts into her lessons. Currently, Lazjee resides in Jacksonville, Florida where she works in public relations. 

Dr. Gail Jefferson, Esq. is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and provides this expertise to Aspring Kids, Inc.'s engineering programs. 

Currently, Gail is working to become a patent attorney. Prior to working in the legal field, she was a scientist at the National Instutitute of Aerospace and an Assistant Professor for the University of South Alabama. 

A self-admitted science geek, Gail hopes to pass on her love of science to kids who may not have an opportunity to learn outside of school.