About Us

Aspiring Kids, Inc. or AKI for short, was created in 2018 with one goal in mind-to give all kids access to quality arts and science instruction. We offer free or very affordable classes in many areas, including: film production, music production, dance, photography, music, robotics, engineering, and so much more. 

It is our goal to equip kids with skills in these areas that they can later use as opportunities for scholarship or entrepreneurship. Realizing that the setback for most kids having these opportunities is economical, AKI's founder, Cass Henderson committed to making the program as affordable as possible. 

In addition to our classes, we offer scholarships for students who might seek instruction from a different business or agency, contests that showcase kids' creativity, and rewards for school performance. 

We also offer after school programs, summer camps, and parents day and nights out. In fact, we pride ourselves in being not only the most affordable option for parents, but also a quality option. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about who were are. If you want to know more and cannot find the answer on our website, please email us