Aspiring Kids, Inc. is committed to making an education in art, science and technology affordable for all children. We understand that a student with a skill has a better chance at getting a college scholarship, job, and even becoming an entrepreneur. All of our enrollment programs are designed to teach our students a skill that will allow them to aspire for success. 

We also understand that the cost to parents can be overwhelming, which is why we committed ourselves to providing this education at a nominal cost. All children should have the benefit of an opportunity to succeed, and every parent should be able to rest assured their child is in good hands while attending an after school program or summer camp. 

Although we love what we do, we love doing what's right even more. And what's right for us is giving back to our community by helping to create successful children and helping to relieve parents of the high financial burden of childcare. 

Summer Camp

The all day summer camp gives students daily instruction in the program of their choice. In between learning their craft, we have plenty of fun, including swimming, movies, even amusement parks. The summer concludes with an arts and science showcase where the students show off their skills to family, friends, and the community. 

After School Care

Beginning Fall 2018, the after school program will provide instruction to students from 2-7 p.m. In addition to enrollment in one of our programs, our instructors provide homework help and tutoring to ensure that our students aspire for success in academics as well as in the arts. We provide healthy meals after school and snacks, all at no additional cost to parents.


We will offer workshops at various libraries and community centers throughout many Florida communities, especially those areas considered to be economically challenged.These workshops will be free and offer basic instruction in one of our programs. 

In the works...

Aspiring Kids, Inc.'s mission goes way beyond just instructing kids in art, science, and technology-we are here to help them aspire for success. We understand that we can only reach a limited number of children through our programs, so that's why we are working on a mentoring mobile. If kids can't come to us, we'll go to them, and we'll be equipped with computers and role models who can help with tutoring, homework and other needs these kids may have. 

We are also working to build relationships with businesses in the community to provide  apprenticeships to Aspiring Kids, Inc. students so that they can get real-world experience.