Our summer camp and after school programs are offered to children aged 5-12. Children enroll in one of the programs below and work with skilled instructors to learn age-appropriate instruction. All of our instructors are industry professionals who have undergone an extensive background check prior to working with our organization. 


Action! It takes more than a director to make a film. Students enrolled in filmmaking will learn just what it takes for a movie to be made and then will make their own. 


Learning to play an instrument is not only fun, but can open up doors to scholarships. Students enrolled in music will learn how to play an instrument of their choice. 


Take the stage or step in front of the camera, students in drama learn acting techniques for live theater and film. They will also star in productions and films made by classmates as well as the community. 


Sometimes it's about classical ballet, and sometimes it's about the fun moves of hip-hop. Students enrolled in dance will learn classical and modern dance techniques, including ballet, tap, and hip hop. 


Robots are becoming a part of everyday life. Students enrolled in Robotics will learn the technology behind creating robots, including coding and will create their own robots that can complete simple to complex tasks. 


How do apps work? Students enrolled in coding will not only find out the answer to that question, they will develop their own apps. Coding students will learn programming code and work to develop software, including video games.  


Who is the next Food Network Star? Maybe it is one of the students enrolled in the culinary program. Culinary isn't about cooking, it is about the art of food. From combining the right ingredients to plating a beautiful dish, students will learn exactly what it takes to be a top notch chef. 


Photography is an art that goes beyond the cell phone selfie. Students learn the techniques of photography, including framing and lighting and use these techniques to take beautiful photographs of people, nature, animals, and themselves. 

Creative Writing

Poetry, short stories, and even film scripts, students enrolled in creative writing will learn about writing techniques for various creative writing formats and put their own imaginations to the test by creating their own masterpiece. 


Art isn't just painting on a canvas, in our art class, students learn fine art, illustration, animation, and graphic design. 

Voice and Music Production

Calling all future rap and rock stars! Students enrolled in this program will learn to fine tune their singing or rapping and then produce the music they create.